Currently tsuru support statsd and graphite.

tsuru sends metrics data using statsd protocol and tsuru-dashboard (web interface) show these data using graphite protocol.

Sending metrics

By default tsuru sends the metrics to localhost:8125 on each unit. You can configure the statsd host and port defining the STATSD_PORT and STATSD_HOST enviroment variables.


If you don’t want to have your own statsd/graphite infrastructure, you can install a client to get the data from localhost and send to a private server that supports statsd protocol.

Metrics graph on tsuru-dashboard

tsuru-dashboard display a graphic for each metric. To know where to get the metric data, the dashboards get the GRAPHITE_HOST environment variable from the application.

Kind of metrics

  • net.connections - the number of connection established
  • cpu_max - cpu utilization
  • mem_max - memory utilization