tsuru optionally uses gandalf to manage Git repositories used to push applications to. It’s also responsible for setting hooks in these repositories which will notify the tsuru API when a new deploy is made. For more details check Gandalf Documentation

This document will focus on how to setup a Gandalf installation with the necessary hooks to notify the tsuru API.

Adding repositories

Let’s start adding the repositories for tsuru which contain the Gandalf package.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install curl python-software-properties
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:tsuru/ppa -y
sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get install gandalf-server

A deploy is executed in the git push. In order to get it working, you will need to add a pre-receive hook. tsuru comes with three pre-receive hooks, all of them need further configuration:

In this documentation, we will use archive-server, but you can use anything that can store a git archive and serve it via HTTP or FTP. You can install archive- server via apt-get too:

sudo apt-get install archive-server

Then you will need to configure Gandalf, install the pre-receive hook, set the proper environment variables and start Gandalf and the archive-server, please note that you should replace the value <your-machine-addr> with your machine public address:

sudo mkdir -p /home/git/bare-template/hooks
sudo curl -o /home/git/bare-template/hooks/pre-receive
sudo chmod +x /home/git/bare-template/hooks/pre-receive
sudo chown -R git:git /home/git/bare-template
cat | sudo tee -a /home/git/.bash_profile <<EOF
export ARCHIVE_SERVER_READ=http://<your-machine-addr>:3232 ARCHIVE_SERVER_WRITE=

In the /etc/gandalf.conf file, remove the comment from the line “template: /home/git/bare-template”, so it looks like that:

    location: /var/lib/gandalf/repositories
    template: /home/git/bare-template

Then start gandalf and archive-server:

sudo start gandalf-server
sudo start archive-server

Configuring tsuru to use Gandalf

In order to use Gandalf, you need to change tsuru.conf accordingly, it’s a two steps setup:

  1. Define “repo-manager” to use “gandalf”;
  2. Define “git:api-server” to point to the API of the Gandalf server (example: “http://localhost:8000”);
  3. Define “git:unit-repo” to point to the directory where code will live in the application unit (example: “/home/application/current”).

For more details, please refer to the configuration page.

Token for authentication with tsuru API

There is one last step in configuring Gandalf. It involves generating an access token so that the hook we created can access the tsuru API. This must be done after installing the tsuru API and it’s detailed in the next installation step.