Installing platforms

A platform is a well defined pack with installed dependencies for a language or framework that a group of applications will need.

Platforms are defined as Dockerfiles and tsuru already have a number of supported ones listed in

These platforms don’t come pre-installed in tsuru, you have to add them to your server using the platform-add command in tsuru-admin.

tsuru-admin platform-add platform-name --dockerfile dockerfile-url

For example, to install the Python platform from tsuru’s basebuilder repository you simply have to call:

tsuru-admin platform-add python --dockerfile


If you have more than one docker node, you may use docker-registry to add and distribute your platforms among your docker nodes.

You can use the official docker registry or install it by yourself. To do this you should first have to install docker-registry in any server you have. It should have a public ip to communicate with your docker nodes.

Then you should add registry address to tsuru.conf.