Crane usage

First, you must set the target with your server url, like:

$ crane target

After that, all you need is to create a user and authenticate:

$ crane user-create
$ crane login

To generate a service template:

$ crane template

This will create a manifest.yaml in your current path with this content:

id: servicename
username: username_to_auth
password: abc123

The manifest.yaml is used by crane to define an id and an endpoint to your service.

To submit your new service, you can run:

$ crane create path/to/your/manifest.yaml

To list your services:

$ crane list

This will return something like:

| Services | Instances |
| mysql    | my_db     |

To update a service manifest:

$ crane update path/to/your/manifest.yaml

To remove a service:

$ crane remove service_name

It would be nice if your service had some documentation. To add a documentation to you service you can use:

$ crane doc-add service_name path/to/your/docfile

Crane will read the content of the file and save it.

To show the current documentation of your service:

$ crane doc-get service_name

Further instructions

For a complete reference, check the documentation for crane command: