Release Process

We use GitHub’s milestones to releases’ planning and anyone is free to suggest an issue to a milestone, and discuss about any issue in the next tsuru release. We also have internal goals as listed bellow and our focus will be on these goals. But they are not immutable, we can change any goal at any time as community need.

At, we have goals by quarter of a year (short term goals bellow), but it doesn’t mean that there’s only one release per quarter. Our releases have one or more main issues and minor issues which can be minor bugfixes, ground work issue and other “not so important but needed” issues.

You can suggest any issue to any milestones at any time, and we’ll discuss it in the issue or in Gitter.

Next Release (0.14.0/1.0-wannabe)

  • Improve authorization system (issue #1220)

    The goal is to change the authorization system to be more flexible based on users, permissions and roles. An user can have more than one role, and a role can have one or more permissions.

Long term Goals

These are our goals to 1.0 version.

  • review platform management.

    We are thinking to change our way to manage platform. Today tsuru has its own platform. But we have a lot of problems to mantain it. In other way, we have buildpacks and we can use it to provide any platform we want, but there’s no free lunch.` Buildpack can be built by anyone and are updated “automagically”, so your application may stop to deploy properly, totally out of the blue.