Creating a platform


If you need a platform that’s not already available in our platforms repository it’s pretty easy to create a new one based on a existing one.

To tsuru to be able to use your platform you only need to have the following scripts available on /var/lib/tsuru:

  • /var/lib/tsuru/deploy
  • /var/lib/tsuru/start

Using Docker

Now we will create a whole new platform with Docker, circus and tsuru basebuilder. tsuru basebuilder provides to us some useful scripts like install, setup and start.

So, using the base platform provided by tsuru we can write a Dockerfile like that:

from ubuntu:14.04
run  apt-get install wget -y --force-yes
run  wget -O basebuilder.tar.gz --no-check-certificate
run  mkdir /var/lib/tsuru
run  tar -xvf basebuilder.tar.gz -C /var/lib/tsuru --strip 1
run  cp /var/lib/tsuru/base/start /var/lib/tsuru
run  cp /home/your-user/deploy /var/lib/tsuru
run  /var/lib/tsuru/base/install
run  /var/lib/tsuru/base/setup

Adding your platform to tsuru

After creating you platform as a Docker image, you can add it to tsuru using tsuru-admin:

$ tsuru-admin platform-add your-platform-name --dockerfile http://url-to-dockerfile