Building a development environment with Docker ComposeΒΆ

To follow this how-to you need to have Docker and Compose installed in your machine.

First clone the tsuru project from GitHub:

$ git clone

Enter the tsuru directory and execute It will take some time:

$ cd tsuru
$ ./

At the first time you run is possible that api and planb fails, just run docker-compose up -d to fix it.

$ docker-compose up -d

Now you have tsuru dependencies, tsuru api and one docker node running in your machine. You can check running docker-compose ps:

$ docker-compose ps

You have a fresh tsuru installed, so you need to create the admin user running tsurud inside container.

$ docker-compose exec api tsurud root-user-create

Then configure the tsuru target:

$ tsuru target-add development -s

You need to create one pool of nodes and add node1 as a tsuru node.

$ tsuru pool-add development -p -d
$ tsuru node-add --register address=http://node1:2375 pool=development

Everytime you change tsuru and want to test you need to run to build tsurud, generate and run the new api.

If you want to use gandalf, generate one app token and insert into docker-compose.yml file in gandalf environment TSURU_TOKEN.

$ docker-compose stop api
$ docker-compose run --entrypoint="/bin/sh -c" api "tsurud token"
// insert token into docker-compose.yml
$ docker-compose up -d