Recovering an application

Your application may be down for a number of reasons. This page can help you discover why and guide you to fix the problem.

Check your application logs

tsuru aggregates stdout and stderr from every application process making it easier to troubleshoot problems.

To know more how the tsuru log works see the log documentation.

Restart your application

Some application issues are solved by a simple restart. For example, your application may need to be restarted after a schema change to your database.

$ tsuru app-restart -a appname

Checking the status of application units

$ tsuru app-info -a appname

Open a shell to the application

You can also use tsuru app-shell to open a remote shell to one of the units of the application.

$ tsuru app-shell -a appname

You can also specify the unit ID to connect:

$ tsuru app-shell -a appname <container-id>