Procfile is a simple text file called Procfile that describe the components required to run an applications. It is the way to tell to tsuru how to run your applications.

This document describes some of the more advances features of and the Procfile ecosystem.

A Procfile should look like:

web: gunicorn -w 3 wsgi


Procfile is a plain text file called Procfile placed at the root of your application.

Each project should be represented by a name and a command, like below:

<name>: <command>

The name is a string which may contain alphanumerics and underscores and identifies one type of process.

command is a shell commandline which will be executed to spawn a process.

Environment variables

You can reference yours environment variables in the command:

web: ./ runserver$PORT

For more information about Procfile you can see the honcho documentation about Procfile: