You can manage your services using the tsuru command-line interface.

To list all services avaliable you can use, you can use the service-list command:

$ tsuru service-list

To add a new instance of a service, use the service-add command:

$ tsuru service-add <service_name> <service_instance_name>

To remove an instance of a service, use the service-remove command:

$ tsuru service-remove <service_instance_name>

To bind a service instance with an app you can use the bind command. If this service has any variable to be used by your app, tsuru will inject this variables in the app’s environment.

$ tsuru bind <service_instance_name> [--app appname]

And to unbind, use unbind command:

$ tsuru unbind <service_instance_name> [--app appname]

For more details on the --app flag, see “Guessing app names” section of tsuru command documentation.