tsr 0.11.1 release notes

Welcome to tsr 0.11.1!

tsr 0.11.1 includes some bug fixes and adds profiling routes to enable further performance improvements to tsuru server:

  • Remove support for round robin scheduler. Pools are mandatory since 0.11.0 and round robin didn’t work anymore. This fix make this change clearer by validating tsuru.conf and explicitly preventing round robin scheduler from being used. Related to #1204
  • Fix unit-remove from trying to remove a unit from nodes without units belonging to the specified application. Also making sure unit-remove choose the optimal node from which remove a unit (the one with the maximum number of unit from the same application). Related to #1204
  • Updated monsterqueue version to avoid errors regarding unregistered tasks trying to be executed.
  • Added HTTP routes to enable profiling tsuru server during its execution. This is intended to analyze and improve tsuru server performance under heavy loads.