tsr 0.3.3 release notes

Welcome to tsr 0.3.3!

These release notes cover the 0.3.3 new features.

What’s new in tsr 0.3.3


  • Add an option to use Redis instead of beanstalkd for work queue

In order to use Redis, you need to change the configuration file:

queue: redis
  host: "localhost"
  port: 6379
  db: 4
  password: "your-password"

All settings are optional (queue will still default to “beanstalkd”), refer to configuration docs for more details.

Other improvements and bugfixes

  • Do not depend on Docker code
  • Improve the layout of the documentation
  • Fix multiple data races in tests
  • [BUGFIX] fix bug with unit-add and application image
  • [BUGFIX] fix image replication on docker nodes