tsurud 1.5.0 release notes

Welcome to tsurud 1.5.0!

These release notes cover the new features, bug fixes. For a complete list of changes, check our 1.5.0 github milestone.

New features

Kubernetes Ingress/Service router

Kubernetes-router is an standalone project that is fully compatible with tsuru Router API and aims to manage kubernetes services and ingresses resources for a given app. This can be used to leverage cloud Load Balancers.

App Build (#1521)

This feature adds support for a new workflow for deploying applications to tsuru. This decouples the build and the deploy step, allowing the user to build an application image and deploying it at a later time. This also makes easier to reuse an app image across different applications, e.g:

  1. Build app1-dev image
  2. Deploy app1-dev using the built image
  3. Test the application in a dev environment
  4. Deploy the same image to app1-prod

Other improvements

  • Support for different schemes in app healthcheck
  • Several improvements to the Kubernetes provisioner, including:
    • Support for memory overcommit (10722bf and 5b5cfe8)
    • Use app healthcheck as liveness probe (a5aa11a)
    • Support for non persistent volumes (8bbe524)
  • Support for running tsuru API listening both http and https (29b3760)
  • Clean old application images in background (db68000)

Bug fixes

  • Correctly sets router healthcheck in Kubernetes/Swarm provisioners #1893
  • Validates pool existence before adding a cluster #1696
  • Adds confirmation upon cluster removal #1777