tsurud 0.12.4 release notes

Welcome to tsurud 0.12.4!

tsurud 0.12.4 includes bug fixes and some improvements on error reporting and in the way tsuru handlers application logs.


  • Reduce the amount of MongoDB connections in the WebSocket that receive application logs. The code used to keep too many connections laying around. The old code used to keep at most one connection per app per WebSocket, and now it keeps one connection per WebSocket.
  • Reduce the amount of Redis connections in the WebSocket that receive application logs. This is kind of bugfix and improvement: the code used to recreate the instance of the connection pool on every request instead of sharing the pool across requests.
  • Report status in the API when relaunching bs containers, preventing connection aborts when upgrading the version of bs (issue #1268)

Bug fixes

  • Fix the translation of application name to Docker images that caused applications that do not belong to the app being deleted (issue #1302)
  • Fix race condition that caused the deploy to fail with the message “unit not found” (issue #1303)
  • Fix bug in log forwarding that caused the API to panic sometimes.