tsurud 1.1.0 release notes

Welcome to tsurud 1.1.0!

These release notes cover the new features, bug fixes and required migrations.

New features

  • New event track system (#1424).
  • Support for cancelable events, right now, only the deploy event is cancelable. This means users can use the tsuru event-cancel command to ask for the cancelation of a deploy. tsuru will do it’s best to try cancelling it.

Required migrations

  • Due to the new event tracking system, simply installing the new version of tsurud will cause deploy list and healing list to be empty. Running tsurud migrate will fix this by migrating deploys and healings to the new event system.

Bug fixes

  • allow setting timeout waiting for status update in galeb router (#1427).
  • user-list and user-info display users without roles (#1390).
  • handling rollbacks to non-existing versions (#1416).