tsr 0.11.2 release notes

Welcome to tsr 0.11.2!

tsr 0.11.2 includes some bug fixes and adds performance improvements related to the database management:

  • Fix of database connection leaks across the entire code base, including a mechanism for automatically detecting new connection leaks. Also preventing new connection leaks by always closing the connection on object’s finalizer.
  • Fix compatibility with Docker 1.6+. Docker 1.6 introduced a new way of limiting container resources (CPU and memory). See issue #1213 for more details.
  • Introduced a new configuration entry, for splitting the main database and the logs database, avoiding issues with global locks in MongoDB. For more details, see the configuration docs.
  • Performance improvements in the log processing: properly ordering the logs and using less indexes to speed up write operations.
  • Add a hard timeout to healthcheck requests, preventing stale of deployments while tsuru waits for the response of the application healthcheck. The current value for this timeout is 1 minute.