tsurud 1.7.0 release notes

Welcome to tsurud 1.7.0!

These release notes cover the new features, bug fixes. For a complete list of changes, check our 1.7.0 github milestone.

New features

Add support to Open Service Broker (#2086)

Tsuru now supports Open Service Broker API. Service brokers may be registered on the tsuru API to make their services available for applications running on the platform. Users can create instances from these services, bind and unbind those instances as if they were tsuru native services. Check the documentation for more.

Add support to exposing multiple ports with Kubernetes (#2213)

Now it’s possible to customize which ports an app running on Kubernetes will expose. It supports setting the port and protocol (TCP or UDP) for each one. The configuration is made in tsuru.yaml file. Check tsuru docs for more details.

Add support to TLS certificates hot reload (#2220)

TLS certificates are now reloaded automatically by the server. This allows certificate updates without API downtime. The reload interval can be customized in tls:auto-reload:interval setting in tsuru.conf file.

Allow dynamically created clusters (#2255)

Cluster-related commands like cluster-add and cluster-update can dynamically provision clusters in cloud providers like Google Kubernetes Engine, Amazon EKS and Azure Kubernetes Service.

Add support to Kubernetes traffic policy local (#2230)

Kubernetes traffic policy can be configured to customize how the cluster handles traffic coming from outside.

Other improvements

  • Add token info endpoint (#2248)
  • Enable configuring log queue size (#2237)
  • Incoming log messages metrics per app (#2234)
  • Add support to galebv2 router (#2135)
  • Add support to poll constraints on plans (#2184)
  • Show platform version in app info (#2187)
  • Enable filtering apps with specific platform versions (#2190)
  • Add simplified flag to app list (#2138)

Bug fixes

  • Fix deploy rebuild for apps running in Kubernetes pools (#2189)
  • Don’t remove role with assigned users (#2258)
  • Prevent initialization errors when there’s no cluster (#2254)
  • Prevent single router from failing entire listing (#2252)
  • Add validation for migrating apps with volumes to different Kubernetes namespaces (#2180)
  • Fix duplicated router entries for apps created in previous tsuru versions (#2199)
  • Use workqueue to deduplicate rebuild tasks (#2235)