tsurud 1.4.0 release notes

Welcome to tsurud 1.4.0!

These release notes cover the new features, bug fixes. For a complete list of changes, check our 1.4.0 github milestone.

New features

Multiprovisioner persistent volume support (#1599) (Experimental)

This feature allows applications running on tsuru to use external volumes for storage and mount them. This feature is available for apps running on Kubernetes and Swarm provisioners. Refer to volumes documentation for more information.

Generic API based Router (#1572)

The support for a new router type, named api, was introduced in this release. This type of router resembles the service concept, in which it is an agnostic API that must follow a specific contract. This API will be called on every router operation, e.g, adding and removing new routes.

Backward incompatible changes

Required migrations

To fix issue #1625, which caused tsuru to possibly remove the wrong envs when unbinding services, it was necessary to change the way environment variables originated from services are saved. Just run tsurud migrate after updating tsuru to fix them on the storage.

Platform changes

Due to changes in the build process and changes to tsuru/deploy-agent it’s required to update platforms to the latest version before tsuru allows new deploys.

Other improvements

  • Improved validation for several resources upon creation eg #1680 and #1613
  • Enable updating an app’s platform on app update #1591
  • Enable creating apps without platform #1491
  • Enable forcing a fresh deploy for an app #813
  • Enable service restriction to pools #1654
  • Enable rollback restriction to certain images #1414
  • Enable update a role name and description #1379
  • Enable changing service instance team owner #1581

Bug fixes

  • app-run –isolated should have the same environment of regular app-run #1615
  • Unable to unset private variable #1589
  • Unbind units should retry after failure on remote service #1440
  • Prevent adding units to stopped apps #1347
  • Autoscale should be active besides docker:auto-scale:enabled #1456
  • Fix service unbind causing wrong env vars to be removed from app #1625