tsurud 1.6.0 release notes

Welcome to tsurud 1.6.0!

These release notes cover the new features, bug fixes. For a complete list of changes, check our 1.6.0 github milestone.

New features

  • The API now has an official openapi v2 specification, it’s not complete yet but we’re constantly updating it adding missing API calls. (#1993)

  • API requests now accept json messages if Content-Type is application/json (#1995)

  • Add platforms versioning. (#2087)

    Now every time a platform is updated, it’s tagged with a new version number. It’s possible to lock an app to a specific platform version.

  • Support for auth tokens associated with a team was added. (#1433)

    It’s now possible to create tokens that are not directly connected with the creating user. These tokens may also be configured with a limited set of permissions. See the tokens reference for more details.

  • The new API route and CLI command node-info was created to show detailed information about a node and it’s status. (#1864)

  • From now on we’ll always update the latest tag in the docker registry. (#1945)

  • More reliable image build and deploy in kubernetes provisioner by using a sidecar with deploy-agent to build the image. (#1978)

  • Webhooks for events. (#2018)

    We now support adding registering webhook calls to be triggered when an event is fired. It’s possible to configure an event filter to only trigger the webhook when the filter is matched by the event. See the webhooks reference for more details.

  • Added support for deploy cancellation in kubernetes provisioner (#2030)

  • Added support for deploy rollback in kubernetes provisioner (#1938)

  • Service instance unbind api call now has a force flag to ignore errors from the remote service call (#1826)

  • It’s now possible to add a kubernetes cluster to tsuru without specifying an address if tsuru itself is running inside a kubernetes cluster. (#2023)

  • Performance improvement in node autoscale routine, reducing CPU usage spikes in tsuru. (#2028)

  • Added isolated flag to app shell, allowing a shell to be opened to a new container using the app image. (#1827)

  • Improve healthcheck similarity between kubernetes and other provisioners, also new healthcheck config options were added. (#2045) (backported to 1.5 branch)

  • Add app-build support to kubernetes provisioner (#1838) (backported to 1.5 branch)

  • Add support to building platforms in Kubernetes pools (#2006)

  • Add support for tagging teams (#2117)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug causing kubernetes provisioner to duplicate units during unit-add/unit-remove operations. (#2025)
  • It’s now longer possible to update volumes if the provisioner has already created the volume. (#2015, #2059)
  • Pods with Terminating status no longer show as app units in kubernetes provisioner. (#2039)
  • Disabled kubernetes nodes correctly show up as disabled in the node list. (#2038)
  • Ensure authentication information is sent to registry based on tsuru.conf (#1977) (backported to 1.5 branch)
  • Fixed race causing server to possibly skip shutdown handlers. (#1956) (backported to 1.5 branch)
  • Add validation to environment variable names. (#2144)
  • Fix name handling for apps, platforms, event webhooks, pools, clusters, volumes and services, to be compatible with Kubernetes naming conventions. (#2145)
  • Fix rollback on an app’s first deploy on Kubernetes provisioner. (#2132)