tsurud 0.12.2 release notes

Welcome to tsurud 0.12.2!

tsurud 0.12.2 includes bug fixes related to application environment variables.

Bug fixes

Two different bugs prevented commands setting and unsetting environment variables for an application from working correctly. This release also depends on updating platforms to use tsuru-unit-agent version 0.4.5.

  • The first bug prevented env-unset from working because environment variables were being committed in the application image during the deploy. This way, it wasn’t possible to unset a variable because even if they were not used when starting a new container the image would include them.

  • The second bug prevented env-set from overriding the value of a previously set environment variable after at least one deploy happened with the first value set.

    This bug happened because during deploy tsuru would write a file called apprc including all environment variables available during the deploy and this file would then be loaded in the application environment, overriding environment variables used to start the container.

    This file was only needed by tsuru versions before 0.12.0 and the solution was simply not to add application environment variables to this file anymore if tsuru server is greater than or equal to 0.12.0.