tsurud 0.12.1 release notes

Welcome to tsurud 0.12.1!

tsurud 0.12.1 includes bug fixes and improvements in the management of the tsuru host agent (bs).

General improvements

  • Improve node registering process: now, when the creation of the bs container fails, we do not destroy managed hosts, but rather mark them as “waiting”. tsuru already ensures that bs is running in the node before executing other operations.
  • Use “ready” as the status of nodes running bs. In case everything goes fine during node creation/registration, tsuru will now mark the node as “ready” instead of “waiting”.
  • Use “tsuru/bs:v1” as the default bs image. It’s possible to use “tsuru/bs” to get the old behavior back, or even “tsuru/bs:latest” to seat on the bleeding edge of bs.

Bug fixes

  • Fix race condition between bs status reporting and the deployment process, preventing bs from destroying containers that are still being deployed.
  • Fix application token leaking in the OAuth authentication scheme.
  • Prevent the removal of swapped applications to avoid router inconsistencies.
  • Fix inconsistency in the Galeb router: it didn’t handle removal properly, leading to inconsistencies in the router after running tsuru app-plan-change.
  • Fix swapping applications using hipache router. There was a bug that allowed only the first swap and wouldn’t allow swapping back.